Eight of the 17 SDGs highlight financial inclusion as a way to help achieve zero poverty, no hunger, good health, gender equality, and economic growth. We know financial inclusion can do this. And we have the data to show it. 

UNSGSA Queen Máxima Remarks at the AFM Conference: The Future of Financial Services Conduct Supervision

In the Netherlands, we have an efficient and quite competitive market; and the rules and regulations are clear. The key question is: how can we make sure that all this truly works for the benefit of customers; even with the changes that are forthcoming? Read more

UNSGSA Queen Máxima Remarks: Financial Inclusion - Addressing the Largest Gaps

At the World Economic Forum, the UNSGSA highlighted that good financial health means being more resilient to financial setbacks and better equipped to seize opportunities. A financially healthy population can recover faster on their own and relieve pressure on government safety nets. Read more

UNSGSA Queen Máxima Remarks: Unlocking Capital at Scale for Digital Inclusion

Public and private sector financing is our best chance to mobilize the vast resources needed to provide affordable, accessible, and safe digital connections for everyone — especially the nearly 3 billion people still offline, said the UNSGSA at the 2022 World Economic Forum in Davos. Read more

UNSGSA Queen Máxima Virtual Keynote at Sustainable Banking and Finance Network 7th Global Meeting

UNSGSA Queen Máxima encouraged SBFN members to advance on an inclusive green finance agenda with a focus on the individual and household level during a virtual keynote address. Read more

UNSGSA Queen Máxima Pre-Recorded Remarks at GSMA's State of the Industry Report on Mobile Money Launch

Over the last decade, we have seen the transformative power of mobile money as a pathway to financial inclusion. Today, mobile money provides a means to transact for more than half of a billion active users in almost 100 countries around the world. Read more

UNSGSA Queen Máxima Pre-Recorded Keynote Address for the Women, Business, and the Law 2022 Launch

Queen Máxima emphasized the importance of reforms that promote gender equality in economic life to support sustainable development Read more

UNSGSA Queen Máxima Remarks on the Value of Inclusivity in Banking at ABN AMRO Event

The speech and event raised awareness about the barriers experienced by different female banking client groups in the Netherlands, as well as to discuss how to best address these barriers moving forward. Read more

UNSGSA Queen Máxima Virtual Remarks at the IFAD 45th Governing Council Session

The Special Advocate stresses the important role of financial inclusion, including through responsible tech-enabled innovations, to build resilience for rural communities in this virtual speech for the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) 45th Governing Council Session on 16… Read more

UNSGSA Queen Máxima Virtual Speech at European Supervisory Authorities Financial Education Conference

UNSGSA Queen Máxima called for financial health to be the main goal for financial education and literacy initiatives. With growing inflation and the unpredictability of the pandemic, good financial health is critical to help people manage day-to-day finances, build resilience, and work toward long-… Read more

UNSGSA Queen Máxima Pre-Recorded Remarks: Philippines National Financial Inclusion Strategy Launch

The Special Advocate commended this new strategy’s special emphasis on resilience and financial health in pre-recorded remarks for the Philippines National Strategy for Financial Inclusion (NSFI) 2022-2028 Refresh Launch. Read more

ASB-BIS Digital Disruption and Inclusion Conference Pre-Recorded Speech by UNSGSA Queen Máxima

The Special Advocate discusses digital disruption and inclusion — and how it affects people’s financial resilience and financial health. Read more

UNSGSA Queen Máxima Pre-Recorded Video Message for the Indonesia Fintech Summit 2021

UNSGSA Queen Máxima highlights the importance of digital innovations for an inclusive and resilient financial system in a pre-recorded video message for the Indonesia Fintech Summit 2021. Read more